What are monitors?

Monitors are groups of one or more cameras, configured to collect people count, occupancy or peel off data in order to represent real-world objects of interest such as an entrance, a room or a building. There is no limit to how many cameras you can use in a monitor and a camera can be used in multiple monitors.

There are three types of monitor.

What are monitors?

People Count monitors.

If you want to know the total count of people who have come into your site, or a particular space on your site, you can use a people count monitor.

The counting is bi-directional so you can report on individual or combined traffic directions.

People count monitors can be used to view pedestrian flow into, or passing by, your venue. They can also be used to notify team members each time certain traffic thresholds are met, such as notifying a cleaning team after every 200 uses of the bathroom.

Our knowledge base article gives more details and potential use cases for people count monitors.

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Occupancy monitors.

If you want to know how many people are in your site, or in a particular space in your site - you will want to set up an occupancy monitor.

You can set a capacity for the monitor (this is typically the maximum number of people the space can hold) and create an occupancy alert to tell team members when a space is approaching, or has reached, its capacity.

Occupancy monitors can be used for optimising ticketing, setting staff rotas or allocating resources in real-time to the busiest areas.

How to create an occupancy monitor

This short video explains how occupancy monitors work.

Our knowledge base gives more details and and potential use cases for occupancy monitors.

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Peel off monitors.

A powerful monitor for telling you the number of people passing your store and the percentage conversion (peel off) of those customers entering.

A peel off monitor is perfect for understanding the impacts of street footfall on your site visits. Does more traffic necessarily give you more customers? It can also be used to measure marketing and store signage effectiveness.

How to create a peel off monitor

This short video explains how peel off monitors work.

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View all monitors

The monitors page lists monitors across all your sites. It's an easy way to see the status of monitors and the list can be easily filtered by site, monitor type or status.

From this page you can select any monitor to view its details and further information about the people count or occupancy data for that monitor. It will also give you details of any camera(s) that might be offline in that monitor.

You can also create a new monitor from this page. If you choose to create a monitor from this page (rather than from the site page) you will be asked to specify the site where the monitor will be located.