Multi-camera people count monitors.

This page describes the process of setting up a people count monitor using more than one camera. If you want to set up a one-camera monitor, please see our separate help guide for this.

If you want to know the total count of people who have come into your site, or a particular space on your site, you can use a people count monitor.

The counting is bi-directional so you can report on individual or combined traffic directions.

People count monitors can be used to view pedestrian flow into, or passing by, your venue. They can also be used to notify team members each time certain traffic thresholds are met, such as notifying a cleaning team after every 200 uses of the bathroom.

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Multi-camera people count monitors
  1. Select 'more than one camera'

    There is some extra configuration required when setting up a people count monitor with multiple cameras.

  2. Give your monitor a name.

    This should be descriptive of the space it is monitoring. eg: Shop visitors (if it's counting all traffic through the only door in/out of your shop), or First floor POS (if you were counting people passing a sales promotion spot on the first floor).

  3. Select cameras to be used.

    Choose from the list of your registered cameras. You can use as many cameras as needed in your monitor.

  4. Name your monitor directions.

    This is used as a unifying direction to orientate multiple cameras against. Find out more about how monitor directions work.

  5. Orientate the cameras with the monitor directions.

    You will be shown a list of all the cameras being used in this monitor. For each camera, match the camera direction with the monitor direction.

    If you set up monitor directions of 'Towards shop' and 'Away from foyer' - you should make sure the camera direction 'Into shop', is matched with the 'Towards shop' monitor direction. Find out more about how monitor and camera directions work. It's important this step is followed carefully to ensure your people count data is accurate.

  6. Add a monitor alert.

    If you want to notify team members when certain footfall thresholds are reached, you can set up a people count alert. Find out more about monitor alerts.

Creating a people count monitor with multiple cameras.

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