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People count monitors

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People count monitors will be available in the Control room soon.
Until then, please contact for help creating your people count monitors.

If you want to know the total count of people who cross a particular real-world point then you can use a people count monitor. This point could represent the entrance to a building or room or a flow-point of interest in a street or hallway.

Any number of cameras can be linked together within a people count monitor and the counting is bi-directional so you can report on individual or combined traffic directions.

People count monitors can also be used to notify team members each time certain traffic thresholds are met, such as notifying a cleaning team after every 200 uses of the bathroom.

This article explains more about people count monitors and how you can use them.

People count monitors

Many people count monitor’s only use one camera. These will monitor traffic flow passing through, or passing by, a single doorway - such as a shop entrance. The process of setting up a single-camera people count monitor is very simple and can be automated as part of the camera registration process.

You can also create more advanced monitor configurations using multiple cameras. Setting up a people count monitor with multiple cameras requires some additional configuration to understand how the camera directions relate to each other. For occupancy monitors the monitor directions will always be in/out - but this is not always the case for a people count monitor. You might be monitoring people entering or leaving a space, or you might be monitoring based on a passing left/right or travelling towards cafe/towards gift shop.

People count monitors are very flexible in how they can be used, however the number of options can make it confusing when you first start. Find out more about how monitors directions and camera directions work together.

Once your people count monitors are set up, they can be a very powerful tool in understanding your building usage and spotting common visitor trends.

Through the reporting tools in the Control Room you can view people count data on whatever time grain you want, by minute, hour, day or longer time spans. With this data you can review average, minimum and maximum visitor numbers and use it to make more informed decisions around staffing, opening hours or many other operational issues.

You can also use people count monitors to work for you in real-time with people count alerts. A people count alert allows you to notified every time footfall hits a particular number. For instance you might want your cleaners to be notified every time 200 people use the toilets. You can set up a people count alert to do this.

Full instructions for creating people count monitors is available in the control room user guide.