Registering a camera.

Once your camera is powered and connected to the internet as described in the camera setup guide, it is ready to be registered. Registering the camera means it is accessible to the system.

If the camera will be used as the only camera in a People count monitor - follow this guide to automate the monitor creation once the camera is registered.

If you intend to use the camera in an occupancy monitor, a people count monitor with more than one camera, or you don't yet know where it will be used - follow this guide. Even if you later decided to use the camera in a single camera people count monitor, the steps in this guide will allow you to do so.


Camera details.

Once setup, you can view your camera details by choosing the Cameras link in the main navigation. 

The list will show you all cameras for each site in your organisation. The list view gives a summary of real-time camera performance, current issues and 7 day health of each device .

Any cameras with issues will be shown at the top of the list in order of urgency - making it easier for you to quickly see any cameras that need attention.

A short video explaining camera views.