Peel off monitors.

This page describes the process of setting up a peel off monitor.

It's a powerful monitor for telling you the number of people passing your store and the percentage conversion (peel off) of those customers entering.

A peel off monitor is perfect for understanding the impacts of street footfall on your site visits. Does more traffic necessarily give you more customers? It can also be used to measure marketing and store signage effectiveness.

There is no limit to how many cameras can be included in a peel off monitor, but will require at least two. It is necessary to have a horizontal camera to count passing traffic on any street that has an entrance into your store. Horizontal cameras are typically installed at the bottom of the window as they work by counting peoples feet.

It is also necessary to install an overhead camera in every entrance to your store.

Peel off monitors
  1. Give your monitor a name.

    Something like 'store traffic' or 'customer conversions'.

  2. Select the cameras to use for the street count.

    This will be a horizontal camera, typically mounted in a window to count people walking past your store. You can choose multiple cameras if your store has entrances on multiple streets.

  3. Select the entrance count cameras.

    This will be an overhead camera, counting customers as they enter your shop. You must use a camera for every entrance to your store.

  4. Confirm the IN directions.

    The people count monitor needs to know which direction is 'in', and will only count people travelling in this direction. You will see a view from each camera with the direction names overlaid. Select the 'in' direction that should be tracked as a customer entering your store.

  5. All done.

    Your peel off monitor is set up and collecting conversion data.

What is a peel off monitor?

This short video explains how peel off monitors work.

Setting up a peel off monitor.

This video will guide you through the process of setting up a new peel off monitor.

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