How do the cameras work?

HoxtonAi cameras use computer vision technology to monitor people entering or leaving a space.

The cameras are placed above doorways and entrances where the onboard camera uploads video to the HoxtonAi Cloud for detection. All videos are automatically anonymised on the device before being uploaded. No personal information is ever gathered.

Sitting in the cloud is where our HoxtonAi algorithms get to work! Using artificial intelligence, the algorithms process the videos to then generate a count of 'Ins' and 'Outs' for the entrances being covered. This data is then reported to our informative dashboard in near real time for our clients to use. The dashboard can be viewed on any mobile, tablet or computer with internet connectivity.

If all entrances and exits are covered within a space, the cameras can be used to provide Live Occupancy of that space. Alerting can also be provided if the occupancy exceeds user defined thresholds.